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Concept La Toile
"La Toile" creates out-of-the-ordinary clothes and brings Art to life, as close to everyone as possible. 

The web turns clothing into a canvas for expression.

La Toile is not just a textile brand but a designer of high-end, out-of-the-ordinary clothing.

La Toile clothing is a new medium on which artists are invited to express themselves, giving free rein to their creativity. Genuine white canvases, they are recognisable by their singular orange stitching. 


Once in the hands of the artists, these new canvases become much more than mere garments, works of art in their own right, with limited editions and intended to be worn by their purchaser.


The first La Toile garment is unisex 100% cotton trousers

Art leaves the traditional galleries and comes to life through our movements.

The collaboration between art and fashion offers a new perspective on the acquisition of works of art but above all unprecedented visibility for artists, exhibiting their work beyond traditional galleries. With La Toile, art is everywhere, for all to see


Art accompanies us and moves with us, so we become real players in art by taking part in its distribution.

The works created on the trousers come to life, they come to life as we move, offering a unique and dynamic immersive artistic experience.

The works evolve according to the time of day, changing in response to their owner's movements and the ambient light.

A unique selection of talented emerging artists.

Each collaboration is a hymn to creativity, an ode to emotion. We attach the utmost importance to the selection of our artists;

We're looking for emerging talent, who carry within them the spark of innovation and the passion for artistic expression.

Each artist is carefully selected, not only for their raw talent, but also for the depth of emotion they convey through their art. We believe that art and emotion are universal languages that transcend borders and cultures. That's why our collaborations include artists from all over the world. Join La Toile!





The first artist to join the La Toile experience is Olamide Ogunade Olisco, a Nigerian artist, certainly one of Africa's most exciting artists with an impressive notoriety in Europe, the Arab Emirates and the United States. 


Our convictions
We are convinced that the success of the project depends on the careful selection of the artists and partners we work with. 


The number of reproductions of original works will be very limited.

High quality

The guarantee of a very high quality fabric (style, material and cut).


A faithful reproduction of the works.


With the aim of bringing people together and creating a strong community. Emotion is at the heart of the project.

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